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Maytag Park, Another Thing I Love About Newton

One of the gems of our Newton community is the beautiful 40-acre Maytag Park which was given to the city by washing machine guru Fred Maytag. There are picnic areas with shelters for family gatherings, along with walking, biking and Frisbee golf areas. Summer nights you can relax and have a picnic on the grassy area in front of the Maytag Bowl and catch band concerts, graduations, and the annual big event Bowl Full of Blues for Blues artists and fans.

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Newton Community School District


Did You Know Colfax Used to be a Resort Area?

When I think of Colfax, I think of the Jasper County Fairgrounds and the times I used to show pigs there when I was in 4-H. Colfax is right off of I-80 and has a lot of interesting history. It was a resort area at one time known for it's natural healing mineral springs and a dozen hotels offering mineral baths and spa treatments for guests. 1000's of people flocked to Colfax from all over the country for over 40 years to soak in the healing powers.

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Colfax Community School District

Prairie City

Want to See Buffalo? And Then Eat Ice Cream? Check Out Prairie City
Prairie City is a nice little town. I’m very familiar with the area because one of my best friends used to live here. I like to take my bike out and burn some calories on the trail outside town. There are buffalo roaming the trails, so you’ll never know what you’ll see. At the end of the trail is the Prairie Learning Center which is family friendly. Of course, after burning off all those calories, I have to stop by Goldie’s for one of their famous pork tenderloin sandwiches and some ice cream. A perfect afternoon!

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Prairie City School District


Great Small Town Living ... Plus Tasty Ice Cream
When I think of Monroe I think of my aunt who's lived there for 50+ years and while growing up going there for family get-together's as a kid. It's just a friendly clean little town with an easy commute to Des Moines, Newton and Pella. The other thing I think of when I think of Monroe ... the Jersey Freeze Ice Cream shop, yum!

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Monroe School District


Check out Baxter, An Up & Coming Community!
Baxter is really a nice little community, and seems like its really growing lately with lots of new construction all around it. The main street has nice charming homes along it with a little downtown area at the end of the street. It's an easy commute to Des Moines. It's come along ways since I was a kid!

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Baxter School District


Come for the 4th of July Party ... Stay For The Schools
Sully is one of those small Iowa towns with a lot of community pride and great schools. They're probably best known for their Fourth of July celebrations which draw huge crowds to celebrate the festivities. Check out the winery, mill and museum, and golf club if you're in the area.

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Sully School District


A Nice Little Community in Eastern Jasper County

Kellogg started out as a railroad town for stagecoach travelers back in the 1800’s. It’s now a nice small farm-town in Eastern Jasper County with what seems like an abundance of churches. Rock Creek State Park with it’s lake and recreation is just a hop, skip and jump away.

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Kellogg School District 


Is it Reasonable to Live In Reasnor? I Say Yes!
Reasnor is one of those small little Iowa towns that doesn't even have a stop light. It has a Fire Department, a Methodist church, and several mom and pop stores and businesses. Being along the South Skunk River, there's a lot of good, fertile Iowa soil in this part of Jasper County.

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