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Sellers: It's Risky Pricing High to 'See What Happens'


Every seller wants to get the best deal for their house. So why not just price your house way up there and see what happens? After all, you can just bring it down later, right?

Well, there are a few problems with that. If you price high and then slowly start bringing it down ... and down ... and down ... buyers are going to notice.  It makes the home start to seem like it's in a bargain bin.  You want your home to appear like it's top shelf, not cheapened goods.  When it sits on the market for an extended time because of overpricing, buyers are going wonder why. What's wrong with it?  Would you feel urgency as a buyer if you read that a property was listed 180 days ago?  Probably not.

To set a realistic price, consider these tips:

1. Do your due diligence.  What have houses like yours sold for in your neighborhood? Not what they were listed for, the actual selling price. (It's free public information available on the Jasper County Assessor website)

2.  Have an honest discussion with myself or your real estate agent.  He or she knows the area and wants to sell your home as quickly as possible for the most competitive price. What does he or she think your initial market position should be?

3.  Be an assertive seller, but don't overplay your hand.  Remember, the little extra money you hold out for may not be worth the six months or year of mortgage payments you're stuck paying in the meantime. Plus, the other stresses of selling including having to keep your house clean for buyers that may want to see it at a moment's notice.

When I do a Market Analysis Report on your home, I'll show you what houses similar to yours are selling for in today's market. I'll also show you a list of all the other houses on the market competing against yours in your price range. With that information, we can confidently price your home to maximize your net profit and to sell it as quickly as possible.


Scott Neasham
RE/MAX Concepts
Newton, IA

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Multiple Offers on a House? Here's How to Win.



Fighting multiple offers on a house can be a nightmare for buyers.  It basically means that you'd found your dream home, but everyone else also wants it.  Unless you go to the mat and really play your cards right, this place could easily slip through your fingers.  That's why it's critical to put your best offer forward from the start.  Here are some tips on how to stand out amid multiple offers to increase the odds that you'll end up on top.

Offer more money
It's that simple: Money talks!

However, the sale price isn't the only place where you can make a strong financial showing.  Consider increasing the amount of money that you'll put into the earnest money deposit.  Committing more money will show the sellers that you're serious about buying the property.

Write a letter
Beyond the basic purchase agreement, including a letter explaining why you're so passionate about buying the home can help you stand out from the crowd.

Keep financing clean
Where financing is concerned, buying a property with cash is always attractive to sellers, if you can afford it.  Since a mortgage lender won't have to get involved, the sale process becomes much easier and there won't be any worry that a loan won't get approved at the last minute.  That being said, cash certainly isn't an option for most buyers.  If a mortgage is a must, make sure that you provide a pre-approval letter with the offer so that the sellers know a lender has already vetted your finances.

Buy the home 'as is'
Agreeing to buy the home "as is" essentially means that you're agreeing to purchase the home in it's current condition and releasing the sellers from the responsibility of making repairs.  It's a very attractive option from the sellers' point of view because it potentially increases their net profit.

Keep in mind that buying a home as-is doesn't mean that you should skip inspections entirely.  It simply means that they will be for informational purposes only.  You're entitled to get any inspections you want - and to walk away if major problems are uncovered.  However, regardless of what the reports show, any repairs will be your responsibility.

If there are multiple offers on the home you've fallen in love with, let me go to work & get the deal done. There are different buying strategies we can use to win!


Scott Neasham
RE/MAX Concepts
Newton, IA


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